Welcome to the Arnhem Nijmegen Region

Welcome to the Arnhem Nijmegen Region

Because of the differences between them, Arnhem and Nijmegen are complementary to one other, both sharing a history dating from the Romans in Nijmegen till a bridge too far. Both towns are surrounded by Veluwezoom and Rijk van Nijmegen, two magnificent scenic areas. Together with the river landscape of the Land van Maas en Waal, Betuwe, Liemers and De Gelderse Poort they create a diverse landscape in a relatively small area.

The Arnhem Nijmegen area is associated with history, leafy parks, culture and nature. However... the area is also known for its fashion & design, appealing architecture, health & wellness, the festivities on the occasion of the Four Days' Marches, World Statues, Burgers' Zoo, Arnhemse meisjes, LUX and Luxor Live - an unexpected and exciting range of very contemporary options. Come and enjoy the Arnhem Nijmegen area yourself!

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Veluwezoom De Liemers Rijk van Nijmegen Betuwe Land van Maas en Waal Gelderse Poort Arnhem