Welcome to Arnhem!

Welcome to Arnhem!

The green and creative capital of the province of Gelderland!

The bustling city of Arnhem has plenty to offer. You can shop for hours and hours in the city centre and the Fashion Quarter (Modekwartier), enjoy the nightlife or the spectacular natural surroundings in one of the city's parks. There are also all kinds of creative events to visit, such as the Arnhem Fashion Festival. Alternatively, you could spend the day at one the top attractions, like Royal Burgers’ Zoo or the Netherlands Open Air Museum (Nederlands Openluchtmuseum). These attractions draw many millions of visitors every year and there’s something for everybody.

Arnhem is green! Arnhem is located in the midst of spectacularly green surroundings with the Veluwe national park on one side and the flood plains area on the other. In the city itself you will find impressive trees, delightful parks and magnificent country estates. There are also many exceptional gardens and, not to forget, the beautiful green avenues in and around the city centre.

Arnhem is creative! Arnhem is home to the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, which offers higher education courses in, among other subjects, visual art and fashion. This is one of the reasons for the numerous fashion ateliers in the city centre and the Fashion Quarter. Arnhem's diverse and unique range of shops attracts visitors from home and abroad and amidst all of those shops, you’ll find countless cafés and restaurants located around charming squares, small courtyards and along the banks of the Rhine as well.

Arnhem oozes culture! It is the home of companies such as Introdans and the Gelders Orchestra, with performances held in the city’s magnificent theatre, the GelreDome football stadium and a wide range of small(er) theatres and venues.

Arnhem has a rich history! Besides being a green and creative city, Arnhem also has a rich history. This is evident all over the city with its listed buildings and impressive architecture. The city is also famous for the Battle of Arnhem which took place in and around Arnhem from 17th to 25th September 1944 as part of Operation Market Garden.

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