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Land of Elstar, Caesar, Rhine and Waal
During the first four centuries A.D. the area south of the Rhine, including the Overbetuwe, was inhabited by the Romans and Batavians. Elst was built on a site of great importance to the Romans; two large temples were built here, close together. A special walking and cycle route takes you past sites important during the Roman and Batavian period in de Betuwe and brings history to life.

Horse market Elst
The best-known event in the Betuwe is the horse market in Elst, ranking among the top three in this country along with the horse markets in Hedel and Zuidlaren. The horse market takes place annually on the first Monday of September. It starts at 1 a.m. when the first horses have been lined up. In addition to the horse market there is also a fair and a farmer’s market that day. Of course there is also a fairground.

At Museumboerderij Den Tip (farm museum) you can smell and taste farm life of olden days. It is a great experience for children, too. The church tower of Elst dominates the skyline. Even during the Batavian and Roman period this used to be a vibrant town. The Kerkmuseum Elst (church museum) is really special. Among other things, excavations at the church have revealed a Gallo-Roman temple which is now open to the public.

Shopping in the Overbetuwe
The Betuwe and its magnificent landscapes, criss-crossed by rivers and numerous colourful orchards, is worth visiting. As well as relaxing nature, the Betuwe also has a number of hospitable, cosy villages. Owing to the many special little shops, shopping in Elst is also called fun shopping. Most of these are concentrated around Dorpsstraat, with a shop for every shopper. The other streets have plenty to offer, too. Often stalls along country  roads sell seasonal fruit such as cherries, strawberries, plums, apples and pears. Arts and culture buffs or those looking for an active outing will not get disappointed here. Once you have done your shopping you can take a break at one of the attractive outdoor cafés or spend the night at one of the hotels. Elst is easy to reach by train or car. 


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