One of the most attractive shopping areas in the Netherlands

Arnhem is a bustling town where you will never get bored. Whatever your interests - shopping, going out, culture or the countryside -, Arnhem is the place to be for an unforgettable stay.


Arnhem, the capital of the province of Gelderland, has a rich and eventful past, partly preserved in a number of historic buildings such as the Maarten van Rossemhuis (also called Duivelshuis – “Devil’s House”), Sabelpoort and Presickhaeffs Huys.

Restored to their former glory and joined underneath one of the shopping streets, the 40 medieval cellars show you what underground Arnhem used to look like. Guided tours are available to the public as are individual visits. The history of the town is reflected in the town centre itself as well as in 100-year-old Sonsbeek park, where you can take a rest in the heart of the town! The Church of Eusebius dominates the skyline. This late Gothic ogive basilica boasts a unique glass lift, rising to 73 metres and offering you a view of the attractive shopping centre. On your way up you will also see the biggest carillon in Europe!

Also situated in Arnhem is the Gelredome stadium. This Stadium was built in 1998, featuring a retractable roof, as well as a convertible pitch, that can be retracted, when unused during concerts or other events held at the stadium.

Arnhem has been one of the 10 most attractive shopping areas in the Netherlands for years, boasting a range of large chain stores and little clothes shops. More information about fashion

The town also boasts a wide and varied range of museums – including ones on art, water, wine and history - as well as major attractions such as Burgers’ Zoo and the Netherlands Open Air Museum. Your day, evening or weekend in Arnhem should not end until you have been to Korenmarkt, the bustling entertainment centre. So whether you like shopping or going out, walking or cycling, visiting major attractions or simply prefer more energetic pursuits, Arnhem is the place to be for an unforgettable stay!


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