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De Liemers - something for everyone!
De Liemers is an area of the Netherlands which, although not well known, is certainly not unloved. Here there is something for everyone. Culture enthusiasts will feast their eyes on the magnificent, historic buildings. De Liemers is also a great place for a day's shopping, walking or cycling. Zevenaar is the bustling heart of De Liemers and has a charming centre. Visitors will, for example, love sitting outside at the pavement cafés or sampling the delicious ice cream from the ice cream parlour. The town has a wide range of shops and historic buildings and also hosts numerous events. If you are looking for somewhere to relax after taking in all that De Liemers has to offer, one great place to do so is the Europakade in Tolkamer. Here you will have a spectacular view of the busiest waterway in Europe. Perhaps you would like to take a refreshing dip? If so, you should head for the Rhederlaag leisure area.

Cycling and rollerblade routes
The varied landscape of De Liemers is ideal for a wonderful day out in the countryside. The municipality of Duiven has a Tourist Transfer Point [Toeristisch Overstap Punt] (TOP) from where you can embark on attractive cycling and roller blade routes through the De Liemers and the Achterhoek areas. One example is the ‘Duiven Art and Culture Route’ [Kunst- en Cultuurroute Duiven] which is a beautiful, signposted cycling route which takes you past monuments, works of art, and historical locations in Duiven, Groessen and Loo. The 'De Liemers Culinary Tour' [Tour Culinair De Liemers] is an annual cycling event which enables participants to explore culinary locations in De Liemers. Although it takes place every summer, you can also explore the route yourself at other times of the year. 

Zevenaar is the bustling heart of De Liemers and not only has an enchanting centre with a variety of shops, but also hosts a wide range of events every year. Culture enthusiasts will love Zevenaar because of its historic buildings which are certainly worth a visit. One of these is the ‘Panoven Country Estate’ [Buitengoed de Panoven]. On and around this heritage site there is plenty to discover and experience, from brick buildings, to treasure hunts to look for beavers and foxes, quests to find edible plants, stories about sunken villages and a whole lot more besides.

Gardening enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the gardens of Huis Bingerden. These gardens are open to visitors at several times during the year. The largest annual event in Westervoort, 'Westervoort in Motion' [Westervoort in beweging] always takes place during the last weekend of the primary school holidays. The local government, business community and associations then get a chance to publicise their work at the fair. It is at this time that the regionally famous 'trucker’s run' is held. This event is a road trip organised for mentally handicapped people from the region.

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