Exciting History

Exciting History

Thé Historical Experience Network in the Arnhem Nijmegen region

Arnhem and Nijmegen are located at the heart of a unique part of the Netherlands. When you delve into the past, you will soon discover that all the important periods in history are well represented here.

Historical region
In Roman times this was by far the most important region in the Netherlands. Gelderland also has the country’s biggest concentration of Medieval churches and castles. And it is here where one of the most important battles of the Second World War took place: Operation Market Garden.

Historisch Belevenis Netwerk
The Historisch Belevenis Netwerk (Historical Experience Network) takes you through these three important periods in history. Go in search of the lost village on the Veluwe, wander around the castles of Hernen and Doornenburg or take a walk along the route the Canadian soldiers took in 1944. The landscape may conceal what went on here, but the stories soon bring its history back to life in sound and pictures.

Digital network
In addition to these stories, the network also offers more in-depth information and tourist information. The only thing you will need is your computer at home and a mobile phone with Internet for use en route. This will open up a whole (historical) world for you.

More information: excitinghistory.com and spgs.nl (mobile internet).