Welcome to Kranenburg

Between Rhine and Reichswald
Kranenburg is a 775-year-old border town contained by the meadows of the Rhine and the hills of the "Reichswald", a great starting point for adventurous rides by bike or on roller-blades, along routes such as the Reichswaldroute. In addition, the "Reichswald" invites lovely walks and horse rides. Numerous storks which have found their home in Kranenburg can be seen here all year. Annually around 50,000 arctic wild geese draw tourists to the meadows where excursions are organised regularly.

A unique garden paradise has grown and flourished In Kranenburg for more than 30 years. Dr. Karl-Heinz Hübbers and Latchmin created a more than 6000 square metre parklike tree and bush garden. This garden does not just showcase many special species, it also displays numerous home-grown cultures. The many flowering camelias in May are unique to Europe. A passion for plants has led to this private garden paradise, its wide diversity never growing stale. 

The border town of Kranenburg has a great deal to offer culturally. A visit to the St Peter and Paul’s church of pilgrimage or even joining a pilgrimage ("Wundertätiges Kreuz") yourself is really impressive. All the same, a walk around the historic town centre with its Katharinenhof (museum) and buildings such as the town shed, the mill tower and the town’s landmark are not to be missed.

It is worth watching the night watch who, wearing mediaeval clothes and carrying his horn and staff, takes his guests on a tour of the town, followed by an invitation to a night watch banquet with a traditional get-together.

In addition to art, culture and nature, Kranenburg also offers its visitors a wealth of recreational activities. A draisine ride along the former Kleve-Kranenburg-Groesbeek railway is unique and without borders. It is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the railway, which takes you past classic gardens, de Duffelt nature reserve and one of the best winegrowing areas in the Netherlands.

Outdoor pursuits
If you are looking for a sporting activity you may want to give a "Geccomobil" ride a go. This is a bicycle seating several cyclists facing each other in a circle and standing on the pedals. Other activities include farmer’s golf, archery or "bögelen". Other activities available in Kranenburg are coach or horse tram rides. Kranenburg has a great deal to offer families with children, such as a walk through the "Reichswald" with the donkey farmer and his animals. The donkeys carry your luggage while you go for a leisurely walk through the woods.

Food, drink and accommodation
Pleasant cafés and restaurants in the historic town centre and in the Kranenburg region provide the perfect ending to an eventful day in Kranenburg. If you wish to extend your stay you can choose from a range of options such as creative hotels, guest rooms, holiday homes and various campsites.

Local Tourist Information

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