Welcome to the 'Land van Maas en Waal'!

Welcome to the 'Land van Maas en Waal'!

In this part of the country you can enjoy water sports of all kinds, and a whole lot more besides. Visitors to the 'Land van Maas en Waal' will love its magnificent countryside, it is an ideal area for walkers and cyclists! You can find your way around using the 'Land van Maas en Waal' cycling route. Along the route you will enjoy fantastic views of romantic country estates, the water, rivers and the idyllic houses along the dyke. As you explore, you will come across numerous pontoon ferries which have, for years, provided a link with the ‘mainland’. Taking one of these ferries will give you an entirely different view of the landscape and the rivers they operate on. Another fun activity is to explore what is referred to as ‘new nature’, which are havens of unspoilt countryside.

Fruit and gardens
The 'Land van Maas en Waal' is an extremely fertile area due to the frequent flooding and the clay soils deposited as a result. There is a good reason why experts claim that the tastiest fruit in the country comes from around here. For that reason you should definitely pay a visit to one of the many fruit stands along the way to put their claims to the test! The Gardens of Appeltern [Tuinen van Appeltern] is the largest and most varied garden idea park in Europe. This magnificent park has over 180 show gardens which each have their own style and atmosphere. The gardens are open all year round because they have their own charm no matter what the season is.

Streekhistorisch Museum Tweestromenland
At the Streekhistorisch Museum Tweestromenland you can view the huge collection of slides showing images of villages, buildings and people in times gone by. The museum collects and exhibits historic clothing and textiles, household objects, tools, fossils and archaeological finds from the region.

The 'Land van Maas en Waal' hosts all kinds of events every year. One of the best known is the 'Dijkenloop' run which is held every year during the first weekend of September. If running is not your cup of tea, you can go on one of the 'fruit walks'. During the Maas and Waalse Harvest Days the focus is on agriculture, cattle breeding, horticulture and the region's agricultural sector as a whole. The main theme of the event is the produce of the land and the region. The highlight of the Harvest Days is the Dutch Haymaking Championship. It is a unique insight into Dutch culture.

The 'Land van Maas en Waal' region includes not only the municipalities of Beuningen, Wijchen and Heumen, but also those of Druten and West Maas and Waal. 

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