Welcome to Beuningen

Living between town and country

Beuningen and the three villages of Ewijk, Weurt and Winssen comprise the rural district of Beuningen. The past has left many marks in these villages: the mediaeval towers in Ewijk and Winssen, the turret of Blanckenburgh in Beuningen and the recent excavation of the Roman villa in Ewijk. History is still very much present in this district.

The vast and largely unspoilt region invites lovely walks and rides on winding dikes. On the way you will see dike depots, industrial monuments from 1900 which nowadays serve as venues for activities in the field of art, nature & environmental education. The centuries-old farmhouses are reminders of a time when this area was defined by farm life. The forelands are a primeval Dutch scenic area where nature is left to its own devices and human interference is limited. In this area you can roam and ramble to your heart’s content.

During an adventurous walk across the forelands you can suddenly come face to face with Konik horses or cattle. The Groene Heuvels recreation area provides plenty of opportunity for sunbathing, surfing, swimming and diving. Besides focusing on the past, Beuningen also uses works of art to show its emphasis on the present. A cycle route running past many beautiful and contemporary works of art is just one example!

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