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A rich and eventful past, classic and modern art, a varied scenery as well as hospitality, that is what Wijchen is all about! The rural district of Wijchen has lovely castles, monumental buildings and a varied scenery, but also hustle and bustle and modern amenities in addition to the countryside’s charm. Wijchen has it all.

At the start of our era this used to be home to the Romans and Batavians. Yet you will not be spoilt for Roman ruins here. What you do see is a landscape that has remained virtually unchanged for two thousand years and which is ideally suited to exploratory expeditions on foot or by bicycle. Berendonck recreation area provides fun and refreshment for all ages. Sports lovers can play golf or go skiing in Wijchen.

Rich past
The rich past is displayed in Museum Kasteel Wijchen and Hernen Castle, the picturesque monumental town of Batenburg, its mill and lovely castle ruins. The villages of Leur, Balgoij, Niftrik, Alverna and Bergharen are also worth visiting. Wijchen has a wide range of accommodation in all shapes and sizes.

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