Liberation Route

Liberation Route

Follow the path that the Allies took in their attempt to liberate Europe during World War II

The Liberation Route follows the path that the Allies took in their attempt to liberate Europe during World War II. It starts in Normandy and continues up through Nijmegen, Arnhem and the South of the Veluwe, on to Berlin. In fact, the Arnhem/Nijmegen/South Veluwe region played an very important role in the final stages of the war.

In September 1944, the Allies tried to liberate The Netherlands during Operation Market Garden. This was one of the largest airborne landings in history, which resulted in the liberation of Nijmegen. Yet the operation was not a total success. The Allies tried to defend their position at Arnhem, but failed. The winter that followed was a terrible one for a lot of The Netherlands, including the Veluwe.

Operation Veritable
Then in February 1945, in the final push for freedom, Operation Veritable was launched from the Arnhem/ Nijmegen/South Veluwe region. It was the start of the great Rhineland Offensive; a battle to rank alongside Stalingrad, Normandy and Berlin. It was to be unpredictable, full of the contradictions of war. Life and death, sadness and joy; but in the end, freedom would prevail.

The Liberation Route lets you experience what happened in and around Arnhem, Nijmegen and the Veluwe in 1944 and 1945. There are 49 boulders at various locations throughout the region, the so-called listening locations, where you can listen to moving stories about the people who lived and fought there during 1944 and 1945. The audio stories are available on the Liberation Route website and can be downloaded for free