Getting to Nijmegen

Getting to Nijmegen

Nijmegen is easy to reach by car (via the A325, the A15 and the A50) and public transport. In the coming years, Nijmegen is going to work hard on further improvements to the city's accessibility. One aspect of the Nijmegen-Noord construction project is the Nijmegen section of the A325 (the Prins Mauritssingel), from the Keizer Augustusplein (Ovatonde) to the Waalbrug, which is being converted into a 50 km/h road.

The rates for on-street parking are (largely) the same as the rates charged in car parks. It is cheaper to park during the week than at the weekend. Parking is also cheaper in the car parks in the evening. A number of locations are intended for long-term parking for which attractively priced day cards are available. Real-time parking applies at all other parking locations in the centre, meaning that you pay for the actual time you have parked. Incremental parking rates apply in the streets at the edge of the centre, the so-called 'ring streets'. This is beneficial for traffic flows and ensures optimal use of the parking spaces in those streets. You can find out where to park in Nijmegen here:

P+R Waalsprinter
Visitors to Nijmegen city centre can also use the Waalsprinter. Car drivers who want to visit the centre of Nijmegen can do so quickly, easily and cheaply by taking the shuttle. This avoids queuing to get into the centre, searching for a parking space and, above all, expensive parking fees. At the park-and-ride the parking fee is just three euros and the shuttle bus us free for cars with four passengers.

The shuttle bus also operates during late-night shopping, on Saturdays and on Sundays if the shops are open. Its route starts at the P+R Waalsprinter at the Ovatonde and goes into the centre of Nijmegen (stopping at the Valkhof Museum, Kelfkensbos and Hertogplein) and then back again.
Late-night shopping is on Thursday: Buses run every 10 minutes between 7.00 p.m. and 9.30 p.m.

On Saturday and Sunday: every 10 minutes between 11.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. From Monday to Friday you can take the Waalsprinter shuttle bus into the centre of Nijmegen until 7.00 p.m.

P+R Lent
From P+R Lent in Nijmegen-Noord you can continue your journey by train, by bus (line 3 or 31) or by bicycle. At P+R Lent there is, in fact, a Bike dispenser, which is an automatic bike shed. Participants in the public transport bicycle scheme (OV-fiets) can instantly hire a bicycle here for a small fee and return it whenever they want.

Public transport
From Schiphol there is a direct link to Nijmegen Central Station (Nijmegen Centraal). Nijmegen actually has five train stations. These are Nijmegen Centraal, Nijmegen Heyendaal, Nijmegen Lent, Nijmegen Goffert and Nijmegen Dukenburg. The stations are easy to reach from locations in the region. In Nijmegen there are lots of buses to and from the centre. For the city centre, get off at the Plein 1944 or Burchtstraat.