• Welcome to the Nijmegen region!

    Welcome to the Nijmegen region!

Welcome to Het Rijk van Nijmegen

Het Rijk van Nijmegen has plenty to offer. Whether you want to saunter through the city centre, shop till you drop or find out more about the rich history of the city and its surroundings, there’s something here for everybody. You can have a great night out or enjoy the spectacular countryside in the rugged realms of Het Rijk van Nijmegen. Why not visit one of the many public events like the Four Days Marches or spend the day visiting interesting museums like the Valkhof Museum or the muZIEum. Alternatively you can seek rest and relaxation at the Sanadome Spa.

In Het Rijk van Nijmegen has some of the most attractive areas of natural beauty that the Netherlands has to offer. On the one hand, it has the river landscape nestled between the Maas and Waal rivers, which is an area of rugged natural beauty and home to the Ooijpolder and Millingerwaard. On the other hand, there is a fascinating hilly landscape in which the villages of Beek-Ubbergen, Berg and Dal, Groesbeek and Mook. You can find more information about the countryside in this area and its various landscapes from the visitors’ centre and museum at Natuurmuseum Nijmegen & Bezoekerscentrum Gelderse Poort or the Bastei. 

The great outdoors
If you enjoy getting out into the great outdoors, then Het Rijk van Nijmegen is the perfect destination. Get your walking boots ready because Het Rijk van Nijmegen is famous as the ideal area for walking. In fact, the area hosts the world’s largest walking event: the Four Days Marches (Nijmeegse Vierdaagse)! Plan your own walks using Het Rijk van Nijmegen’s network of footpaths or choose one of the magnificent pre-planned routes such as the 'Heumensoord Walking Route', the ‘N70 Walking Route’ or the 'Ommetje Bos and Kuil'. From the centre of Nijmegen you can walk straight into the wilderness where you’ll spot horses, beavers, deer and birds of prey.

The area also has many beautiful cycle routes. The wide and largely unspoiled area which makes up the Kingdom of Nijmegen has magnificent routes along winding dikes, through woods and over hills. The centuries-old farmhouses are reminders of yesteryear and if you want to stop somewhere on the way, we can recommend somewhere along the wine route in Groesbeek and a visit to a farm or vineyard. Groesbeek is, in fact, proud to call itself the wine village of the Netherlands. Some vineyards are open to the public all the time, while others have set opening times. In short, Het Rijk van Nijmegen is the place to be for the ultimate in walking and cycling! You can plan your route yourself by linking up the junctions between your chosen start and end points, or follow the directions on theme-based route. You can download entertaining theme-based routes or even plan a route yourself at lekkerfietsen.nl.

A rich history and the oldest city in the Netherlands!
In addition to all this beautiful countryside, Het Rijk van Nijmegen also has a rich history. Visit Nijmegen and find out what the oldest city in the country was like in times gone by. It is home to magnificent historic buildings, parks and museums. You can experience the city's exciting history in the Valkhof Museum where there is an important collection of Roman archaeological finds on display. When it comes to culture and history there is also plenty to do in the area around Nijmegen. You can visit the Africa Museum, for example, Oriëntalis Museum Park or the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945. The various municipalities in the Kingdom of Nijmegen each has something a little different on offer when it some to history. The municipality of Beuningen for example, is one big history lesson, with Blanckenburgh Castle as its main attraction. In the municipality of Heumen, you can relive the Roman times through stories, legends, ruins and monuments.

Shop till you drop
If you want to spend a lovely day shopping, Nijmegen has a wide range of shops that will fulfil your every need. These vary from small, cosy boutiques to the large chain stores with their never-ending racks of clothing. Marikenstraat street has main fashion, leisure and media stores whilst Lange Hezelstraat street is the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands! It was built in Roman times and is now home to all kinds of boutiques and charming restaurants. When you get to the end of the street you will find the market square (Grote Markt). After a whole day of shopping, this is the perfect place to stop for a drink outside one of the café’s or a bite to eat in one of the many enticing restaurants. You could even round off the evening with a roll of the dice at Holland Casino Nijmegen.

A huge number of cultural events are organised every year, on days like King's Day or Ascension Day for example. Other examples of events are the Four Days Marches (Nijmeegse Vierdaagse) and its closing festivities, the Seven Hills Run (Zevenheuvelenloop) and the Carnival in Groesbeek. A new hotspot in Het Rijk van Nijmegen is the former Honig factory. This characteristic complex is in the West of the city of Nijmegen and offers top-class eating and drinking, shops and music venues. Nijmegen is also the location for many fun events including the annual De Kaaij festival. This is a cultural and arts festival organised under the Waalbrug bridge in the Port of Nijmegen. An up-to-date overview of the cultural activities on offer can be found in the events calendar. 

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Nijmegen Summer Capital of Holland

Logo - Nijmegen Summer Capital

Nijmegen Summer Capital of Holland

Nijmegen might be the best kept secret of the Netherlands. It has a rich history of events, some of them organized by the young creative people in the city. For example, it has over 180 dance music organizations! Not only there are a lot of dance events, there are also many other activities in the city and the region. These include music festivals like Down the Rabbit Hole and Music Meeting, pop concerts in the Goffert Park, events at the creative Honig-complex, Summer Schools at Radboud University and cultural activities in art-cinema LUX or pop-center Doornroosje. 

And let’s not forget the Vierdaagsefeesten (a whole week of partying during the Four Days Marches) in the third week of July. With 1.5 million visitors, it’s the third biggest open air festival of Europe! But that’s not all; Nijmegen has a lot more to offer. Cool, hip stores in town. There are beaches in the city and an island with endless possibilities! Nature’s only a stone’s throw away from the city center. Different kinds of scenic areas around the city where you can take a relaxing walk, go for a run, or an exciting mountain bike course. And when you’re all done, have a drink and a bite to eat in town. There are places enough to do this; Nijmegen has the highest terrace-density of the Netherlands. It has a right to call itself the summer capital of Holland!