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Mook en Middelaar, a rural oasis in the north of  North Limburg. A rural district between the Maas and Mookerheide, the bridge between Maas and hills, with unprecedented recreational options. Mook en Middelaar is home to magnificent hills and vast woods and heaths, with quiet pools, deep dry valleys and rippling streams. This charming area is part of an extensive area of lateral moraines originating in the ice age, approximately 15,000 years ago. 90 metres high,  the hills extend over Dutch and German territory between Nijmegen, Mook, Groesbeek and Kleve.

Roman past
Here you will experience the great ambience of vast woodlands and heaths, a unique lateral moraine landscape and a wide diversity of cultural-historically valuable elements, evidence of a Roman past. The walking and cycle routes run past monuments and places of interest on various locations in the rural district, such as the chapel of 'The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary' in Middelaar; the Bovenste Plasmolen in Plasmolen or the Alde Put in Mook.

Hospitality and gastronomy
At 60 to 80 metres above Normal Amsterdam Water Level those looking for peace and quiet can enjoy a unique view of the Maas valley, the provinces of Brabant and Limburg and the Mookerplas. Add the water sports facilities the Mookerplas and the River Maas offer both sun-worshippers and water lovers and you will understand why we call this the pearl of North Limburg. The marinas, campsites, holiday homes, hotels and café-restaurants provide plenty of pleasant accommodation to choose from. Hospitality as well as gastronomy are of paramount importance in the most northern part of the province of Limburg.

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