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    Welcome to Veluwezoom

Welcome to Veluwezoom

Perfect for walking and cycling, Veluwezoom is the southern part of Veluwe, where the woody and hilly countryside changes into a river landscape. In May and June this area is at its best because of the many flowering rhododendrons. Veluwezoom, the beautiful area between Renkum and Laag-Soeren, has of old boasted many tourist attractions and a rich cultural past. In Renkum the memory of the Battle for Arnhem is still very much part of the present. A commemoration takes place every year in the weekend around September 17th. The Airborne Museum gives you some idea of what happened back then.

From time immemorial, De Veluwezoom, a magnificent area stretching from Renkum to Laag-Soeren, is an area boasting a wide range of tourist attractions and a rich cultural-historical past. The memory of the Battle for Arnhem is kept alive in the town of Renkum, for example, commemorating the event annually during the weekend around 17 September. The completely renewed Airborne Museum “Hartenstein” in Oosterbeek provides detailed information about the Second World War. In the unique “Airborne Experience” you will feel and experience the Battle for Arnhem as if you were there yourself.

The Rhedense Fietsvierdaagse (Rheden Four Day Cycling Event) and Nationaal Park Veluwezoom make the rural district of Rheden a nice place to be for cyclists and walkers alike. Walking around Loenermarkt you are likely to come across the flock of sheep. In Renkum you can climb the “Hemelse Berg” (“Heavenly Mountain”), cycle along the Italian road, enjoy romantic views in Zweierdal and roam through the dark woods on Quadenoord country estate.

Veluwetransferium Posbank
The Veluwetransferium Posbank (park & ride) is housed in a completely renovated and extended original Gelderland farmhouse. The visitor centre provides information about the history, the management and the flora and fauna of Nationaal Park Veluwezoom. An educational garden owned by the IVN Vereniging voor Natuur- en Milieueducatie adjoins the centre. Children can enjoy themselves in the “gaming den” or play educational games. The farmhouse also houses a VVV Tourist Information Office branch and Fietsverhuur Rheden (bike hire). Free entrance to both the Nationaal Park and the Veluwetransferium.

Out and about in the countryside
The Veluwetransferium Posbank is the ideal starting point for a walking and/or cycle route across the Veluwezoom and the Posbank. From here you can go for lovely rides through Renkum and Rheden, passing many lovely places of interest: old churches, a magnificent stretch of the river IJssel and Nationaal Park Veluwezoom, one of the most stunning areas of natural beauty in the Netherlands. You are most likely to spot wildlife at sunset. Because of its length, its steep climb and the many places of interest, this route is ideally suited for a day out in the country. Walkers can have a break at De Zomp botanical garden in Oosterbeek. Or why not join a forester or go for a ride on an old-fashioned horse tram?

Kröller-Müller Museum
A visit to the Kröller-Müller Museum is highly recommended during a day in Veluwezoom. Set in Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe and surrounded by space and tranquillity, this museum is a refuge for visual arts in the countryside. The Kröller-Müller Museum is primarily known for its collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh. Works by Picasso, Mondriaan, Seurat and Signac are featured here too. The 25 hectare statue garden, home to more than 150 sculptures, is one of the largest in Europe.

Many monuments, including Middachten country estate, are open to the public. The Gelders Geologisch Museum is also well worth visiting. Children will enjoy De Spelerij / Uitvinderij, a special playground. They can also enjoy themselves in Doorwerth Castle, which hosts a varying programme for its youngest visitors all year round.

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