• Welcome to Rozendaal

    Welcome to Rozendaal

Welcome to Rozendaal

Golden village in green surroundings
If you say Rozendaal, you say springs, waterfalls, kingfishers, special trees and lovely private gardens. The smallest mainland rural district in the Netherlands (Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog are even smaller), Rozendaal is located to the northeast of Arnhem.

The district lies in the meltwater valley created during the ice age. For this reason it has always been able to use water from the moraines of the Veluwe. The town’s prosperity, which developed in the course of the centuries, shows how important this was to the history of the village. Once the Rosendaelse Beek (stream) used to have seven water mills, six paper mills and one corn mil – all at the same time.

Water still nourishes Rozendaal. In 2004 it was voted greenest village in Europe. Particularly the combination of nature and landscape and colourful private garden appealed to the jury. Another lovely highlight, Rosendael Castle used to be the residence of the earls and later the dukes of Gelre. Nowadays the castle and its parks have been restored with 18th century architecture in mind and the gardens contain special garden ornaments from that period. During a walk you will come across a shell gallery, the tea dome and the waterfall with statues of Mercury and Neptune. Of course there are also the 'bedriegertjes', a fun attraction for all ages, and a lovely rosary.

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